Tuition & Fees



Matriculation is the process by which students become officially enrolled at WaCU. This process includes agreement to abide by the institutional code of conduct for students and payment of tuition and other fees. Once a student has matriculated he/she becomes eligible for access to student services and other facilities. Students must complete the matriculation process each semester of their study at WaCU. Matriculation is a mandatory process that confirms the students attendance, housing (if any), class schedule, and payment arrangements. The process is completed online through the student portal. Failure to complete the matriculation process prior to the deadline may result in a hold on the students account or cancellation of his/her enrollment in classes.


Institutions of higher learning and especially those that primarily teach Christian principles are responsible to teach students not only academics but also principles of good citizenship. Financial integrity and responsibility are character traits of the highest priority. Enforcing accountability is a primary tool for teaching students to be responsible citizens. Students are responsible for the costs of attending or taking classes at WaCU and for living within WaCU financial guidelines. Enrollment in courses or residence in campus housing constitutes a contractual financial obligation of the student to pay tuition and other fees. The student is ultimately responsible for his/her account and should monitor it on a regular basis.


Tuition due dates are posted to the website and student portals for each semester and term. Students should review these sources for specific due dates to ensure that their fees are paid in a timely manner.


Tuition and fees for the fall and spring semesters are due one week prior to the beginning of the semester. For term B (classes that begin during the second half of the semester), tuition and fees are due eight weeks after the semester due date.


Tuition and fees are due the first Monday of the month prior to the month in which the class session occurs. For example, tuition and fees for classes meeting on campus in January are due the first Monday of December; the tuition and fees for classes meeting in June are due the first Monday of May.


Students who have registered early but have not paid tuition and fees by the due date will be dropped from the courses for which they have enrolled. Such students may enroll after the due date, but will pay additional fees and must make payment upon registration.


Three options are available for admitted degree- seeking students to pay their tuition and fees: ?

1. Payment in full

2. Monthly payment plan

3. Financial aid programs, including scholarships.


Students with past due financial obligations will be placed on financial hold, which may lead to termination of enrollment, withholding of grades, degrees, and transcripts. Such students will not be permitted to preenroll for future semesters/terms until their past-due financial obligations have been paid or approved arrangements for payment have been made. A fee of $50.00 is assessed for all late payments of tuition. Accounts with outstanding balances on the 10th day of the month will be charged 1.5% on outstanding balances ($50 minimum) per month until the account is paid in full.

Past due account statements are sent by email to current and former students who have outstanding balances on their account. Statements are sent to the student?s email account. It is in the best interest of the student to speak with the Business Office to discuss options for resolution on accounts. Students with past due balances that remain unpaid or unresolved may be referred to a collection agency. If so, any collection fees become the students responsibility.


A check received for payment of tuition fees but returned for any reason invalidates a students enrollment and jeopardizes the students status. All returned checks must be redeemed within two weeks. A $20 returned check fee is assessed for each check returned by the bank. In addition, appropriate late payment fees may be added. Upon the receipt of the third returned check from a student or member of their immediate family, WaCU will no longer accept a check in payment of fees and check cashing privileges will be revoked. Future payments for tuition, rents, utilities, etc., will only be accepted in cash, money order, or cashiers check.