Master of Christian Ministry (M.C.M)


The Master of Christian Ministry is a 36 hour degree that will provide a solid foundation for ministry service by focusing on the core competencies of pastoral ministry. In addition to foundational biblical and theological study the student will also receive practical training in the discipleship theory and practice to serve the local churches.


Students graduating with the Master of Christrian Ministry degree will be able to do the following:

Discern God’s Word as the primary source of spiritual formation and ministry in order to integrate Bible knowledge with constructive ministry.

1. Demonstrate competence in communicating the Word effectively in a variety of settings.

2. Integrate an understanding of God’s will with the realities of the church’s context.

3. Demonstrate an ability to participate with others in pursuing spiritual health and growth in the church.


2210 Old Testament Survey I 3 hrs

2211 Old Testament Survey II 3 hrs

2310 New Testament Survey I 3 hrs

2311 New Testament Survey II 3 hrs

2400 Introduction to Hermeneutics 3 hrs

3100 History of Christianity I 3 hrs

3101 History of Christianity II 3 hrs

3200 Theology I 3 hrs

3201 Theology II 3 hrs

3400 Christian Ethics 3 hrs

7001 Theology & Philosophy of Missions 3 hrs

3300 Apologetics 3 hrs

8301 Church Administration 3 hrs

Total Credit Hours 36 hrs