President’s Greeting

President’s Greeting

Washington Christian University is a theological institution. Its first priority is to train Christian ministers who will evangelize to the whole world according to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. Many prominent universities in North America have maintained their reputation since establishment based upon the purpose of educating Christian ministers, and Washington Christian University makes efforts to grow into a preeminent educational institution.

Washington Christian University strives to provide practical education and development on the basis of the Bible, the revelation of God. Another goal we have is to train future ministers for their local communities and the Kingdom of God. We exert all of our efforts to train ministers who may make contributions to expanding the Kingdom of God according to the Great Commission through faithful evangelization based on godly faith.

In addition, Washington Christian University educates future ministers to meet with the needs of the contemporary world by equipping future ministers with proper perception on this age. The contemporary world requires ministers who have both faith and intelligence. Washington Christian University does its best to train minsters and church leaders who will lead both the contemporary and the upcoming age as “good shepherds.”

Washington Christian University promises to grow by communicating with local churches and communities. Cooperating with the local churches, which are the body of Jesus Christ, Washington Christian University will faithfully carry out the role of God’s institution to share their difficulties and pray for them in order to help with their needs and growth.

As a member of the Washington Christian University community where professors, students, and staff serve each other, I sincerely welcome you. You will find the warmth of family and friendship while you are studying and training here. I cordially invite you to an academic and spiritual place of open communication, warm friendship, praying for peers, and growth with fellow students in the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

I pray for God’s grace and peace to be with your future that is starting today.

Sola Gloria Dei,



Washington Christian University