Doctor of Spiritual Formation & Leadership (D.SFL)


The Doctor in Spiritual Formation and Leadership (DSFL) program maintains that the mature spirituality and leadership are inseparable. The DSFL program offers a nurturing community where spiritual leaders from various vocations can develop more authentic and intimate relationships with themselves and God, which impact their relationships with the people and the ministries they serve in more positive and Spirit-led ways.


Parent Formation Ministries

Small Group Formation Ministries

Women Leadership Ministries


The D.SFL degree is a 30 hour program designed to be completed in no less than three years with all degree works to be completed within five years.


Students graduating from the Doctor of Spiritual Formation & Leadership degree program will be able to do the following:

1. Articulate their personal sense of Christian identity and calling, resulting in renewed visions for their lives and ministerial leaderships.

2. Form a wider view of Christian leadership bearing witness to the full scope of “neighbor” which God commands us to love and serve (Mt 22:39).

3. Establish personal and communal practices for ongoing spiritual formation of themselves as well as others.

4. Demonstrate critical theological reflection that is biblically faithful, inter-disciplinary, and integrated with life and faith.

5. Engage contextually the relevant theological reflection from the perspectives of Asian American Women Christian leaders.

6. Exhibit increased proficiency and resiliency in loving, serving, and leading others in diverse and complex ministerial environments that may be systemic beyond interpersonal dynamic.


Attain a Master’s degree in a relevant field such as M.Div., theology, (Christian) education, psychology, (Pastoral) counseling, cultural studies, drama, music, art, etc. The relevancy will be determined by the admission committee.

Submit the following documents

Official transcripts from the previous colleges and universities

Two-three page essay titled “My Spiritual & Leadership Journey”

Two reference letters: From a qualified member of the ministry (pastor, chaplain, ministry supervisor, church officer, etc.), describing the Christian character and potential leadership of an applicant

An in-depth interview with the Director of AAWS Program is required


Prerequisites 5 courses: to be completed within 2 years after the admission

Intro to Spiritual Formation: 1 course

5001 Spiritual Formation I: An Overview – 3 hrs or

5002 Spiritual Formation II: Formation for Discipleship – 3 hrs

Images of God: Toward deeper Intimacy

My Spiritual Journey: Through Storytelling

Bible courses: 1 course

Theology course: 1 course

DOCTOR in SFL Core Requirement: 30 Credit hrs

30390 Doctoral project paper – 6

30393 Relational Pedagogy: Teaching for Relationship, Connections, and Community – 4

30400 Transformative Relational Leadership – 4

The lowest grade a doctoral student can receive to pass a course is B-. The only grade below B- is an F. To graduate, the average grade of B+ is required.

Four customized Spiritual Formation courses, based on SPECIALIZATION offered to each cohort of doctoral students (Total 16 C):

E.g., Customized Doctoral Courses to be offered for the first cohort with specialization in Parent Formation Ministries:

Parenting as a Spiritual Practice (Fall, 2017)

Family Ministry Formation (Spring, 2018)

Youth Ministry Formation: Dreaming a Big Dream (Fall, 2018)

Nurturing Children in Faithful Communities (Spring, 2019)

Total Credit Hours 30 hrs