Master of Divinity (M.Div)


The Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree is the basic seminary degree for college graduates. It is the appropriate first professional degree for individuals who anticipate ordination. The standard MDiv degree program requires 85 semester hours. It is designed for individuals who anticipate serving as pastors, evangelists, associate pastors, missionaries, or in other ministries that emphasize expository preaching or teaching of the Word of God. In most cases, the MDiv degree is also the appropriate degree for students who anticipate doctoral training and a ministry of college or seminary level teaching.


Students graduating from the MDiv degree program will be able to do the following:

1. Develop increased Bible and theological knowledge

2. Facilitate interpretation of Scripture using appropriate hermeneutical principles

3. Encourage formulation of theological beliefs based on Biblical and historical perspectives

4. Progress in the practice of classical spiritual disciplines

5. Develop a Great Commission perspective that is demonstrated by skills in evangelism, equipping disciples, preaching and teaching, corporate worship, and leadership.


Foundational Core 45 hrs

2210 Old Testament Survey I 3 hrs

2211 Old Testament Survey II 3 hrs

2310 New Testament Survey I 3 hrs

2311 New Testament Survey II 3 hrs

2400 Introduction to Hermeneutics 3 hrs

3100 History of Christianity I 3 hrs

3101 History of Christianity II 3 hrs

3110 Baptist History 3 hrs

3200 Theology I 3 hrs

3201 Theology II 3 hrs

3400 Christian Ethics 3 hrs

5000 Personal Spiritual Disciplines 3 hrs

5201 Basic Evangelism 3 hrs

5312 Intro to Pastoral Care & Counseling 3 hrs

7001 Theology & Philosophy of Missions 3 hrs

MDiv Emphasis 28 hrs

2200 Hebrew I 3 hrs or 2201 Hebrew II 3 hrs

2300 Greek I 3 hrs or 2301 Greek II 3 hrs

3300 Apologetics 3 hrs

5110 Principles of Preaching 3 hrs

5111 Expository Preaching 3 hrs

5401 Pastoral Leadership 3 hrs

5402 Worship Leadership 3hrs

5430 Pastoral Ministry 3 hrs

5465 Ministry Internship 1 hr

8301 Church Administration 3 hrs

Electives 12 hrs

Total Credit Hours 85 hrs