Doctor of Ministry (D.Min)


The purpose of the Doctor of Ministry degree program is to develop Christian leaders through doctoral level instruction, research, and practice. The program is divided into three major components: Foundational Seminars, Concentration Seminars, and the Ministry Project Dissertation.


Students may specialize by choosing concentration seminars, if desired. The concentration will be indicated on the transcript and the diploma. Directed (independent) studies are available for students seeking advanced training in a particular ministry field. The Doctoral Studies Office can provide additional information.


The D.Min degree is a 30 hour program designed to be completed in no less than three years. All work for the degree must be completed within five years.


Students graduating from the Doctor of Ministry degree program will be able to do the following:

1. Demonstrate competence in applying theological convictions to any ministry context to which they are called

2. Interpret and apply Biblical texts to life situations by demonstrating accurate, classically defined discipline in the handling of sacred Scriptures

3. Lead the church of God ethically and effectively in pursuing Christ’s commission and commandments

4. Demonstrate exceptional skills in the Biblically assigned tasks of proclamation, care, leadership, and/or church planting.


Foundational Core Seminars (all are required) 12 hrs

30020 Professional Doctoral Colloquium 4 hrs

30060 Integrating Christian Faith & Practice 4 hrs

30090 Dissertation Preparation 4 hrs

Church Planting Track 12 hrs

30420 Church Planting Evangelism 4 hrs

30430 Sponsoring New Churches 4 hrs

30440 Church Revitalization or 30070 Christian Leadership Course 4 hrs

Expository Preaching Track 12 hrs

Select Three:

30140 Expository Preaching 4 hrs

30143 Style & Application in Expository Preaching 4 hrs

30146 Doctrinal & Topical Exposition 4 hrs

30150 Preaching & Ministry Practice 4 hrs

Leadership Track 12hrs

Select Three:

30070 Christian Leadership 4 hrs

30330 Developing Christian Leaders 4 hrs

30340 Leadership Issues (topic varies) 4 hrs

30370 Worship Leadership 4 hrs

30380 Spiritual Formation 4 hrs

Ministry Project Dissertation 6 hrs

Total Credit Hours 30 hrs