Bachelor of Theology (Th.B)


    The Bachelor of Theology is designed to provide increased knowledge of the Bible and its interpretation to prepare students for local church ministries and to supply a foundation for graduate theologcial studies through deepening knowledge and interpretation of the Bible.


Th.B Degree Objectives   

Students graduating with the Bachelor of Theology degree will be able to do the following:

1. Develop increased Bible and theological knowledge

2. Facilitate interpretation of Scripture using appropriate hermeneutical principles

3. Encourage formulation of theological beliefs based on biblical and historical perspectives

4. Progress in  the  practice  of  classical  spiritual disciplines

5. Develop a  Great  Commission  perspective  that  is demonstrated  by  skills  in  evangelism,  equipping disciples,  preaching  and  teaching,  corporate  worship, and leadership.




General Education                36 hrs

EN101  English Composition I 3 hrs

EN102  English Composition II 3 hrs

PH302  Critical Thinking 3 hrs

SO201  Introduction to Sociology 3hrs

BN170  Introduction to Business and Finance 3 hrs

CM110  Basic Communication 3 hrs

CP101  Introduction to Computers 3 hrs

PH301  Introduction to Philosophy 3 hrs

HT105  History of the Western World 3 hrs

HT415  Introduction to Ethics 3 hrs

HT411  World Religions 3 hrs 



Select one:    3 hrs 

 PY251 Marriage and Family   

 PY101 Introduction to Psychology 

Christian Ministry   36 hrs

BS105  Background of the Bible    3hrs

BS111  Old Testament Theology 3 hrs

BS112  New Testament Theology 3 hrs

HT100  History of Christianity I 3 hrs

HT101  History of Christianity II 3 hrs

HT110  Baptist History 3 hrs

HT350  Christian Doctrine I 3 hrs

HT351  Christian Doctrine II 3 hrs

HT400  Christian Ethics   3 hrs

PM201  Personal Evangelism and Discipleship 3 hrs

PM301  Global Missions 3 hrs

PM410  Pastoral Care & Ministry 3 hrs

Theology Major    39 hrs

ED210  Christian Leadership 3 hrs

ED302  Bible Study Methods 3 hrs

ED306  Bible Teaching Methods 3 hrs

ED405  Making Disciples 3 hrs

BS320  Pentateuch 3 hrs

BS323  Historical Books 3 hrs

BS326  Major Prophets of the Old Testament    3 hrs

BS350  The Gospels 3 hrs

BS353  The Acts and Pauline Letters 3 hrs

BS356  General Epistles 3 hrs

MS250  Introduction to Cross-Cultural Studies 3 hrs

MS310  Introduction to Church Planting  3 hrs

MS315  Strategies and Methods for Church Planting  3 hrs


Theology Electives  9 hrs

Total Credit Hours                                                      120 Hrs